Why invest in Cementir?

  • Solid track record of investments and significant growth potential
  • Well diversified portfolio and solid business model
  • Leadership in niche segments
  • Strong commitment to sustainability
  • Excellent operational performance
  • Reference shareholder long-term vision

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Cementir shares

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Strategy and Industrial Plan 2021-2023
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Board of directors
Approval of the Interim Financial Report as of 30 September 2021


Board of directors
Approval of the Half Year Financial Report as of 30 June 2021


10 March 2021

Sustainability Report - Non Financial Statement 2020

12 November 2021

Interim Financial Report at 30 September 2021

10 March 2021

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting - 21 April 2021


Investor Relations

Tel. +39 06 32493305

Fax. +39 06 32493274


For the transmission of the Regulated Information, Cementir Holding N.V., in compliance with the Italian and Dutch law (being a Dutch company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange), uses the transmission system eMarket SDIR, managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A., and sends through “Loket AFM” the information to the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets), which makes them available in the relevant register on its website www.afm.nl.

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